Carroll Park is the vital center of Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, spanning the block between Smith, Court, Carroll and President Streets. Originally a private community garden created in the late 1840’s, Carroll Park was acquired by the City of Brooklyn in 1852, making it Brooklyn’s third oldest public park. It is named in honor of Charles Carroll (1737-1832), the last surviving signer of the Declaration of Independence.

In 1993, the park was redesigned and reconstructed. Improvements included new gardens, reorganization of the play spaces, and a compass rose sprinkler area. Decorative cast iron gates, fencing and lighting now mirror the historic brownstone character of the neighborhood. At the center of the park stands the bronze and granite Soldiers and Sailors World War I Monument, sculpted in 1920.

Today, there is something for everyone at Carroll Park – from bocce courts to basketball hoops, from baseball to baby swings, from arts & crafts in the Park House during the summer to Shakespeare at the monument. Check out the CALENDAR on our website for more details about recent and upcoming events in Carroll Park!