Smith Street Stage



For Lovers, Leaders and Madmen

A Midsummer for today’s New York City that imagines our fellow New Yorkers - the buskers, the lovers, the neighbors, the leaders - as the wild and magical Spirits of Shakespeare's classic comedy. It is a celebration of the energy, danger, uniqueness and soul of the place that we call home, and its potential to evoke in all of us a wondrous transformation. This play dares to show us the extraordinary magic and everyday miracles that are hidden in plain sight.

JUNE 20 - JULY 1

Limited seating provided. First come, first served. 

No tickets required.

All evening performances begin at 7:30 pm

All Matinee performances begin at 2:00 pm



Baize Buzan*, Brandon Dial, Shaun Bennet Fauntleroy*,

Justin Gillman*, Patrick HarveyBeth Ann Hopkins*, Brian Lee Huynh*

 Pete McElligott, Jonathan Minton, Alex Purcell*

Nowani Rattray*, Will Sarratt, Hannah Sloat*

Corey Whelihan*

Directors & Designers

Director Jonathan Hopkins,

Assistant Director Katie Willmorth

Producers – Yuriy Pavlish & BA Hopkins

Composer – Joe Jung

Costumes – Bevin McNally

Set & Props - Andrew Diaz

                            Lights – Conor Mulligan